Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The lying. The never ending lying.

Some days I just want to give up.

My oldest daughter is the biggest manipulative liar I have ever met.

She is also my biggest helper, so good with the babies, kind (most of the time), fun, responsible....

It kills me when she weaves these crazy lies.

This one was concerning my other daughter, the one closest in age to her (Lizzy.)

I found out about two really crappy things she did to Lizzy today.

It was like she just woke up this morning and decided to have it out for Lizzy.

It broke my heart that she would do such mean things to her sister.

Then, of course, lie about it to my husband and I.

And better yet, I totally over reacted and really ripped into her.

Uggghhhh.  I did manage to calm myself down faster than in the past.

Oh, and it's the know, the three year anniversary of this child coming to live with us.
Big surprise the she woke up and regressed to old behaviors, huh.

I will never get over how all these anniversaries trigger these poor kids.


Pam H. said...

God Bless you so much for your dedication and love in mothering these little ones.

Lying is such a difficult behavior to know how to correct. I'm not sure I was successful with my oldest son who used to do it all the time when he was little up into his teens. It was almost like a glitch in his mind that he would do it and believe it so intently. Later when he was an adult, I asked him, did you know you were lying when you said this stuff and he admitted that he did.

Somehow, I don't know how, they grow up and learn to tell the truth. I hope your little one learns to love the truth. It's often hard to face, but she will find it easier the more she tries it.

Ruth said...

BTDT... Just dealt with some stuff from my 2 oldest. There is something really frustrating about the lying that comes from our supposedly reliable kids!

Margie said...

It is so incredibly frustrating. Keep dealing with it. Somewhere through your mistakes, triumphs, and never ending prayers, they get the message.

MamaFoster said...

Amen...geez, I thought I was going too LOOSE it when my oldest bio lied to me one day. All I could think is 'your never going to stop now that you started. I can't trust you EVER again...' It was very dramatic in my head. Thankful, his lie was of the typical sort.

MamaFoster said...

Yea, I very much hope that somewhere in the midst of my own mistakes I find something that helps them.

MamaFoster said...

I do believe that *most* of these kids will grown up the be fully functional adult. At least I will keep repeating that as I raise them. Lol

Mie said...

In those moments I really struggle to figure out how to connect my kids to Jesus. I feel like I need to lay into them and tell them the truth and get them to feel the consequences of their actions and lay the ground rules and set boundaries and all that jazz. (and that's what I typically do).

Then when it's quiet at night I reflect and I wonder if I got through and more importantly did I show the grace I would have shown to a stranger, to a non-Christian, someone who does't know Christ or even a brother and sister in Christ who needs to hear God's message of grace. Did I show them the God that I know...the one who forgives me for anything and loves me so much that he wants to (and DID!) make a better way for him?

It's so hard to figure out how to balance setting rules and limits and connecting my kids to Christ.