Sunday, June 16, 2013

Heart Breaking.

Text from Lizzy's bio dad on Father's Day:

Him:  "Hi"

Me:  -snapped quick pic of Lizzy and wrote "Happy Father's Day"-

Me:  -snapped quick 2nd pic and sent that one as well-

Him:  "Awwww hi boogie"

Me:  "She said hi!"  (no she didn't, but that is what I sent back)

Him:  "Thanks tell her i love your day going"

Me:  "We are good.  She is having a good day.  I hope u are too.  Happy Father's Day!"

Him:  "Thanks...tell your husband the same"

Me:  "I will.  Thank u for being Lizzy's father from day one.  I'm glad she has you."

Him:  "Thanks i will always lover her..she's the apple of my eye..."


StarfishMom said...

I thought about Sprout's bio dad all day. He was released from prison (he's been in since before Sprout was born) this week. I wish I could give him the gift of seeing his son outside of those prison walls but hubby said no.

Deb said...

So special. Spent yesterday thinking about my girls birth fathers.

Ayesha said...
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