Thursday, July 5, 2012

Snail pace.

In case I made it sound that way, it definitely isn't over for us.

It is HIGHLY unlikely that either grandma would be able to get approved to take the kids, it just draws things out longer.


Diane said...

Ugh! Those kids have been in care for how long? Why didn't they home study and rule these relatives out long ago?

If relatives know a child is in foster care, they should have to come forward requesting placement within a specified time or waive any priority placement rights to them later. I just love the ones that aren't available at birth but are more than willing to take a healthy, well-raised, potty-trained preschooler. Here, abandonment applies when a parent has been absent for six months. Shouldn't that apply to relatives who know the kids are in foster care and don't step up!

God must have a reason for drawing this out. Glad you are leaving it in His hands.

Rachael said...

Of course it's not going to ever be simple and easy, is it? I'm quite sure our foster daughter's dad, who hasn't attended a visit in four months, will suddenly want to be involved if they tell him they're planning to terminate his rights. Ugh.