Monday, December 1, 2014

Hurry up and wait.

God's timing is impeccable, but is isn't always me timing.  In my last post I alluded to the fact that the bio mother of my adopted children had had another baby.

Yes, she has.  In September she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.  Unlike the last time, things are very sticky and the red tape is thick.

A couple months prior to me getting the call about this new baby, God had started to whisper to my hear about a baby boy.  Every time He did my yearn for a baby boy would grow stronger even though my brain would literally talk me right out of it in the next instant.  "You are already overwhelmed!" "The last thing you need is another baby!"  Yet, the longing grew.

When I found out he existed I really wasn't shocked at all but everything got "real", really fast.  My husband was not expecting, had not been thinking about a baby boy for months, and was not interested in adding anymore children to our family.  I told him about the baby and insisted that he talk to God about it.  I told him that I would stand behind whatever decision he made, but it had to be between him and God.

In the mean time, baby boy was put in a foster home in the county mom gave birth in and was awaiting court hearings.

In the days following the initial call, my husband's "no" turned to "if" and "if" turned to "I see more reasons why we should say yes than say no".   God is able to change even the most convinced heart.

Unlike the last time we were shocked with the news of a baby no one knew was coming, the bio parents decided to "fight" for this one.  By "fight" I mean make everything take as long as possible.  As you have seen, it has been months since we learned of this baby and as I type this he is still in a foster home.

When we decided to say yes, we opened our license that we had closed.  We had less than 30 days to get it open before we would have to do ALL the paperwork over agin, basically start from square one.  We were able to get it opened in time and are now an open foster home again.

Weeks have come and gone and I have called every week to ask when they would be moving the baby to our home.  I did go see the baby when he was less than a month old.  I held him in my arms.  His sweet little face held the features that they other children share.  He felt like mine.

Because we have 7 children in our home already, that has been the hold up in getting the baby hear.  We are waiting on an exemption that needs to be signed.  I can't tell you how many times I have been told "we are still waiting on paperwork."

Last week they had the termination trial.  The baby was set free.  It was not a for sure thing.  There was a chance that dad would be able to work a case plan.  That is not what he wanted though.  He wanted them to just hand the baby back to them.  Half way through the termination trial he got up and stormed out.  That was a huge blessing on our end.  The judge terminated the right of both bios.

According to the social worker they are going to get the paperwork settled this week and move him here this week.  I guess we will see if that happens.

Happy Monday everyone.  Wish us luck!


CandCFamily said...

Good luck!

Kay said...

Wow! Amazing how God can change our minds and hearts. Good luck!!

POWmom01 said...

Holy Moly...better start on book #2!

Plexus Prosperity Pipeline said...

I am so excited for you and your growing family! :) ....I am also baffled at the differences in our state's termination policies...

Was this baby abused or neglected, or were they able to terminate based simply on the fact that bio mom hasn't parented her other kids successfully? just curious

MamaFoster said...

He was born with drugs in his system. The last three children were born with drugs in their system. The parents have no stable housing, source of income, or plan to kick the drug habit.

Diane said...

Wow! I hope the little guy is moved to you soon and that his current foster home is a good one. Sounds very similar to my Miracle, and her initial foster home was a blessing. We are still in contact; they have done respite for me and they recently came to her baptism, although they live about 50 miles away. Good luck and God be with all of you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making the time available for this post. I have been hoping and waiting and wondering, and knowing you must be very busy.
I hope you are able to update again soon that baby boy has joined his siblings and his forever family.
I miss your used to be frequent posts and also appreciate your posting at all.
My very best wishes for this holiday season for all your family and family to be and friends and supporters.

Plexus Prosperity Pipeline said...

I am very impressed that they were able to terminate already! :) very exciting :) another Christmas surprise for your family! :)