Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A month of birthdays.

This month we have a lot of birthdays to celebrate.

I have never given my "new" kids blog names, so forgive me over explaining who everyone is.

My two new daughters both have birthdays in May.  We will call the 3 yr old Linnie and the 5 year old Kady.

Kady's birthday is the same day as my first foster daughter's, but she was born a year later.  I already posted about my first foster daughter's birthday party.  The party was a week after their actual birthday, and that actually worked out better for us.  We celebrated Kady's birthday at home with our family and grandma and grandpa.  She picked out her cake and we put up Minnie Mouse decorations.  I bought her gifts that she very specifically asked for.

She is very into details and doesn't miss anything.  She is very articulate and very smart.  She has taken over the roll of oldest sibling to her brother and sisters even tho she was the second born, not the first.  She couldn't wait to open her presents so we did it very early in the morning.  Her favorite was a jewelry box.  She has wanted one ever since she saw mine.

Her birthday was very low key, but we talked about it a lot and she seemed happy with everything.  She is so picky that I was worried that she wouldn't be very impressed with her small party, but it didnt seem to bother her at all.

I enjoyed celebrating her first birthday with us together, without the distractions of lots of guests.  She is such a great kid.  She is a huge helper and always wants to be with me.  She likes women in general, but is warming up to men as well.  She loves to be tickled and misses her foster sister she lived with for two years before moving in with us.  In certain ways she was the easiest to move into our home and in other ways she has been the hardest.  She is extremely pretty and can manipulate with the best of them.

She really is a gift.


kate said...

Happy birthday, Kady! We're glad you were born.

(Maybe you can put a key up to help us keep track of all your lovely littles & blog names?)

Denver Laura said...

Sounds like a much better birthday than the chaos at chucky cheese.

Happy Birthday Kady!